Andrea Armstrong

Illustrator Andrea Armstrong is an artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia. She specializes in character-driven art, children’s book illustration, portraiture and, more recently, animation.

Danesh Mohiuddin

Danesh Mohiuddin is a freelance illustrator whose clients include Scholastic, OwlKids Books, TD Bank and Time Out magazine. He is a graduate from the applied arts program at Sheridan College, where he specialized in technical and scientific illustration. Born in India and raised in Dubai, Danesh now makes his home in Toronto, Ontario, with his wife and kids.

Vivian Mineker

Vivian Mineker is a freelance illustrator whose work can be found in the picture books All Cats Welcome and The Little Coven. Nature is one of her biggest sources of inspiration, especially when she’s on a walk with her dog, Darlie. Born in Taiwan and raised in Portland, Oregon, Vivian now makes her home in Amsterdam.

Alexandra Finkeldey

Alexandra Finkeldey is an illustrator based in Ottawa, Canada. She uses both traditional and digital mediums to capture her favorite subjects, which typically include animals, people, plants and food. She has long been inspired by nature, animation, travel and video games, which has translated into vibrant and often unreal color palettes as they appear in her work. She is the illustrator of When the Storks Came Home.

Zoe Si

Zoe Si is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated cartoonist and illustrator with a lifelong passion for laughing at her own jokes. After practicing law for a number of years, she now spends her days making children’s books, cartooning and writing funny articles for the New Yorker, and drawing comics. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with her husband and a large, fluffy dog.

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