Me, Too!

Annika Dunklee
Lori Joy Smith

There are many reasons why Annie is best friends with Lillemor, who is from Sweden. “They're the same age ... They like the same colors ... They like doing the same things ... They can both speak another language. Okay, so Annie made hers up, but she is pretty sure it still counts.” Annie and Lillemor like each other so much they play together every day. But then Lilianne, a new girl from France, arrives. Annie can't stand that Lillemor has become friends with Lilianne, and that Lilianne seems to have more things in common with Lillemor than Annie does --- even their names, which both begin with “Lil”! Has Annie lost her best friend forever?

This funny, honest picture book by Annika Dunklee perfectly captures the rhythms of youngsters' friendships and emotions, while also reminding them that there's always room for new people in their lives. The playful artwork by Lori Joy Smith uses dialogue bubbles to enrich the text, which offer an opportunity for acting out the story in the classroom while it's being read. A special touch here is the use of two other languages, Swedish and French (with translations), to expand young children's understanding of who they can be friends with, making this a terrific book for introducing foreign languages and cultures. This charming, engaging story can also serve as a springboard for discussions on friendship and feelings, character education lessons on inclusiveness, and social studies classes on multiculturalism.

978-1-77138-104-8 | Apr 1, 2015
List Price: USD $16.95, CAD $18.95
4-color 8 x 11 32 pages
Grades: Pre-K To 2 / Ages: 4 to 7
978-1-77138-453-7 | Sep 11, 2014
List Price: USD $9.99, CAD $9.99

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Awards & Reviews

“With its familiar themes and fizzy text, this is one both listeners and readers will enjoy.”
— Kirkus Reviews, December 2014
“A good book with a strong message of inclusiveness for children experiencing some friendship growing pains.”
— School Library Journal, February 2015
“Give this to fans of Grace Lin's Ling & Ting: Not Exactly the Same (2010) or Kate DiCamillo's Bink and Gollie.”
— Booklist, March 2015
“Dunklee manages to to distil all the complexities of girlhood friendships in a few lines written in Swedish and French, with magnitudes of subtext going unsaid.”
— National Post, April 2015
“... this book would be a welcomed addition to any classroom or home library.”
— CM Magazine, June 2015
“An original and enjoyable tale on the travails of friendship.”
— Resource Links, October 2015
2015 - Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Winner
2015 - Readers' Choice Award, Rainforest of Reading, Winner

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