Little Wise Wolf

Gijs van der Hammen
Hanneke Siemensma

Books have taught Little Wise Wolf many things. But perhaps he's not quite as wise as he thinks he is.

A small wolf spends all his time reading big books and discovering new stars. Because he knows so much, everyone calls him Little Wise Wolf, and many of his neighbors come to him with questions. However, with so many big books still to read, he simply does not have time to answer them. Then, one day, he is summoned by the king's crow: the king is gravely ill, and only Little Wise Wolf can heal him. It is a long way to the king's castle, and Little Wise Wolf finds he is unprepared for the arduous journey. Tired and hungry, he begins to doubt how wise he really is, as there are many things he does not know about the world. Things the other animals know all about. But will they help him?

In this big story disguised as a small one, Gijs van der Hammen deftly explores the value of relationships and the interconnectedness of us all. It highlights for young children the important life lesson that everyone has unique skills and knowledge, so everyone in a community matters --- and we all need the help of others sometimes. Beautifully told and richly illustrated by Hanneke Siemensma, this engaging read-aloud has the timeless appeal of a folktale. It would be an excellent choice to begin conversations about the social studies concept of community and the character education topics of kindness and empathy.

978-1-5253-0549-8 | Sep 1, 2020
List Price: USD $17.99, CAD $19.99
4-color 11 1/2 x 9 3/4 34 pages
Grades: PreSchool To 2 / Ages: 3 to 7
978-1-5253-0572-6 | Sep 1, 2020
List Price: USD $9.99, CAD $9.99

Awards & Reviews

“Truly wonderful in all aspects.”
— Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review, June 2020
“An excellent, briskly modern addition to collections of fables and morality tales.”
— School Library Journal, Starred Review, August 2020
“... a wonderful picture book that is likely to be enjoyed by adults and children alike.”
— CM Magazine, October 2020
“This thought-provoking book's warm, comforting tone conjures up that of a gifted storyteller and pairs effortlessly with the rich, absorbing art.”
— The Horn Book, January 2021
2021 - Best Children's Books List, Bank Street College, Winner

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