Germy Science

Edward Kay
Mike Shiell

This perfectly revolting --- and perfectly timely! --- introduction to germs from award-winning comedy writer Edward Kay will turn any kid into a master of microbes!

Children get up close and personal with germs (ew!) in this entertaining, thoroughly researched exploration of the science and history of these tiny, ubiquitous creatures. Heavy on the gross factor to keep readers engaged, the book covers what germs are, how we get sick, how the human immune system works and the best ways to stay healthy. There are intriguing stories about early attempts to fight disease (heard about corpse catapults? how about shaved chicken butts?), and the plagues and pandemics that changed the course of history. A look to the future describes how germs may be helpful for cleaning the environment and solving crimes. It's a kid-friendly overview that provides the perfect introduction to the world of germs.

With germs all over the news, and on the minds of children and adults everywhere, award-winning author Edward Kay sets the story straight, as he blends loads of solid information with humor, cool fun facts and disgusting details to make learning fun. Hilarious comic-style art by Mike Shiell heightens the grossness and the appeal. The topic of germs --- a general term for bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses --- is highly relevant and inherently interesting to children, and the up-to-date information is presented in a way that's accessible and easy to manage. This book has many cross-curriculum links, in life science, technology, health and history. Following Stinky Science as the next book in the Gross Science series, it contains a glossary, index and further reading.

978-1-5253-0412-5 | Oct 5, 2021
List Price: USD $18.99, CAD $19.99
4-color 8 1/2 x 11 48 pages
Grades: 3 To 7 / Ages: 8 to 12
978-1-5253-0453-8 | Oct 5, 2021
List Price: USD $11.99, CAD $11.99

Awards & Reviews

“A fast-paced and fun introduction to the mysteries of microbes.”
— Kirkus Reviews, August 2021

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