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Franklin the turtle and his best friend, Bear, are so excited about the upcoming Bumpy Buggy race in their town! They've agreed to be partners in the race. They've agreed they should spruce up their old buggy beforehand. And they've even agreed they should visit Mr. Fox to look for new parts to make their buggy super cool-io. But, oh no! It turns out they don't agree on exactly how to fix up their buggy. Should they add wings and call it the Mean Green Speedmobile, as Bear wants to do? Or make it a rocket with no wings and call it Sam's Rocket, as Franklin wants? If they can't agree on a buggy design for their team, the friends won't get to be partners after all! Will Franklin and Bear be able to work out their differences in time for the race?

This disagreement between Franklin and his best friend is one many young children can relate to. However, unlike in their own lives, here children can see both sides: Franklin and Bear both believe they are completely right, while clearly they could both listen to each other a bit better. Children get the message that when friends compromise, everyone can be a winner. Based on the 3D-animated television series Franklin and Friends, this book provides the comfort of familiar friends teaching character education lessons on cooperation, fairness and teamwork. And, as with all Franklin books, this one will be a hit as a read-aloud for storytime

978-1-55453-835-5 | Sep 1, 2012
List Price: USD $5.95, CAD $6.95
4-color 7 1/2 x 8 3/8 24 pages
Grades: PreSchool To 2 / Ages: 3 to 7

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