Vigg - Illustrator


The son of a Canadian diplomat, Vigg was born in Ottawa in 1972. He grew up in Pakistan, France, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Haiti and Switzerland.#Moving around the globe a lot as a child, Vigg always found great comfort in drawing and painting, which he often practiced alongside his mother. He went on to study political science, literature and anthropology at university. He even worked in a bank for a while, only to realize one day, around 25 years old, that he really wanted to pursue a career in image-making and communications. That’s when he discovered his true calling: illustration.#A self-taught artist, Vigg particularly likes to take complex concepts or ideas and turn them into simple, colorful images. That’s precisely the method he applies to his daily creations, whether they be in magazines, newspapers, posters, books or whatever visual challenge comes his way. His editorial illustration work has been rewarded with several prestigious awards, such as the Applied Arts Award, the American Illustration award and the 3×3 merit award.#He now lives near Montreal, Quebec, with his girlfriend – illustrator Marianne Chevalier – with whom he has created over a dozen children’s picture books. Their house is filled with books, pictures and three amazing children.~Facebook: @viggillustration~Instagram: @vigg_illustration


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