Sylvie Desrosiers - Author


Born in Montreal, Sylvie Desrosiers now lives in Longueuil, Quebec, just across the bridge from Montreal, preferring a big garden with skunks to traffic jams. She began writing for children 25 years ago with La patte dans le sac, a novel featuring Notdog, the ugliest dog in the neighborhood. Little did she know, Notdog would go on to become the hero of 18 novels. Sylvie writes for young children, teenagers and adults, and she won the Governor General’s award in 2008 for Les trois lieues, a novel for adolescents. #With forty books and two movies, not to mention television and magazine credits, under her belt, writing is the only thing Sylvie can see herself doing! She works in a tiny room full of pictures, books, dictionaries and souvenirs. Her dog, Brandy, gives as much help as he can while sleeping and snoring beside her; and her cat, Philibert, visits whenever he is bored.#Sylvie often tries to find story ideas by going for walks with Brandy, horseback riding or shopping. Before she begins writing, Sylvie talks for hours to friends on the phone and even does some household chores, emptying at least the wastebasket in her office. When all that is done, she sits and writes.#Do you want to know the words she likes to write the most? THE END.


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