Shrija Jain - Illustrator


Shrija Jain is an illustrator and a hand-lettering artist based in Oakville, Ontario, where she lives and works from her home studio, which is currently invaded by her collection of miniature figurines. A lot of people have a hard time pronouncing her name. It’s completely normal. She grew up in India and moved to Canada for further studies. She holds a bachelor’s degree in illustration from Sheridan College, which not only gave her an opportunity to try different mediums and art forms but also helped her discover ways to take her love for miniatures to her illustrations. After graduating, she has been working in the illustration and design field. She works primarily in pen and ink, creating the tiniest drawings that are later on blown up to a larger scale to add color. She is a tea lover who loves to create movement and energy in her work through color. She draws inspiration from minimalism and long morning walks in nature with some music on.#As a kid, seeing her thoughts come alive with a pencil in hand and a piece of paper only made her want to draw, discover and wonder more. Her first published book is My Words Flew Away Like Birds, where most of the characters drawn are inspired by people she met after she moved to Canada. Initially her words flew away like birds, too, but that was back then. A personal connection to the story made creating illustrations for the book even more special.#Her most favorite things (after a soft-bound sketchbook, two Micron pens and a 0.3 mm pencil) are her Batman pajamas, which she is quite possessive of.


  • My Words Flew Away Like Birds

    2023 - Delaware Diamonds Award, Diamond State Reading Association, Short-Listed

    2022 - Outstanding International Books List, USBBY, Joint Winner

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