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Sandra V. Feder, author of the Daisy series, first thought about writing children’s books when she was in third grade, thanks to her school librarian, who introduced students not just to books but also to their authors. Sandra loved playing with words, and meeting local authors gave her a glimpse into the world of creating stories for children.#After graduating from Stanford University, Sandra began her writing career in journalism, working in Washington, D.C., for the New York Times and then for several newspapers in California. “Writing for newspapers taught me the power words have and the importance of using words well”, Sandra says. #After she married and had children, Sandra joined a writing group, many of whose members wrote for young readers. That prompted her to try writing for children herself, drawing inspiration from her own children’s younger years.#In the Daisy series, Sandra encourages a passion for words in the next generation. “It has been wonderful to see how well children relate to Daisy and how much her love of words encourages them to develop their own love of words and language”, she says. #“Daisy’s Perfect Word has led to many wonderful conversations — in schools, libraries and homes — about how we use words”, Sandra says. “I hope to see every child carrying a green notebook that is covered with purple polka dots and filled with favorite words!”#In Daisy’s Defining Day, the second book in the Daisy series, Sandra introduces alliteration to young readers. #Sandra V. Feder, who absolutely adores alliteration, lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her fun family. She loves chewy, chunky, chocolate chip cookies.


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