Robert Heidbreder - Author


Robert Heidbreder was born on the wet, muddy banks of the Mississippi River in 1947 and in 1970 he moved to the wet, misty skies of Vancouver, British Columbia, to pursue his degree in Classical Languages.#In 1975 he became a Canadian citizen, and in the same year he completed his teaching degree at the University of British Columbia. Soon after he started teaching primary children in Vancouver, he began writing because he wanted the children in his class introduced to a liveliness of language that matched their natural bounce, energy, imagination and playfulness. #His first book was Don’t Eat Spiders, published in 1985, and his newest book is Lickety-Split, published in the fall of 2007. #In 2002 he won the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence, and in 2005 he retired from teaching after 30 years. His presentations to children in the schools and at festivals help keep the child within him alive, awake, laughing and rhyming away.


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