Mike Erskine-Kellie - Author


Mike is the winner of two regional Emmy Awards for co-creating and writing the TV series Scientastic! He has written TV shows for PBS, Disney XD, BBC, TVO, YTV and CBC, including Franny’s Feet, Pucca, Ranger Rob, the Emmy Award-winning PBS show Zoboomafoo and the Gemini-nominated CBC show SketchCom. He is the co-writer and voice talent of the online animated series, Spike and Toody. He was the recipient of a Harold Greenberg Fund award for his screenplay, The New Adventures of Jason and the Argonauts.#He co-created, story edited and wrote for the TVO kids’ magic series Spellz, winner of the U.S. International Film and Video Festival in Children’s Programming and a Silver Remi at the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival.#Mike also acts, sings and dances, none of them particularly well but that’s not stopping him! He used to be an on-air humor commentator for CBC News until budget cuts saw him replaced by a tree (true story). Mike was raised in a house where books were treasured and he thinks a chocolate chip cookie dunked in milk is the world’s best one-two food combination. His all-time favorite story is I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew. Also, when he was little, he had a cat named Pushkin who followed him everywhere.#Fun Mike Fact: He never gives up. In 1984 Mike submitted his first book to Kids Can Press and received his first-ever rejection letter … There would be many more to come.#I Got You A Present! is his first published kids’ book.~Twitter: @SpikeandToody~Facebook: @SpikeandToody~Instagram: @SpikeToody


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