Linda Hendry - Author/Illustrator


Linda Hendry has been drawing for as long as she can remember. Some of her earliest works can be found on the underside of her mom and dad’s kitchen table — the same table that she and her little sister sat at for hours and hours, drawing make-believe families and filling up endless stacks of pink and green Doodle Pads.#After high school (of course she doodled in her notebooks!) Linda studied Visual Communications at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary. When she graduated, she moved to Toronto and began doing freelance illustrations for magazines, which eventually led to an offer to illustrate her first children’s book. This book was shortlisted for the Governor General’s Illustration award. Now there’s nothing quite like an award to get your career rolling, and 23 years, and over 60 books later, Linda is still drawing for children.~ ~She lives near Eden Mills, Ontario, with her partner Leszek, their twin daughters and a creamy colored, super fuzzy cat who loves to sit on laps — especially if you are wearing black.~ ~Linda’s studio is a lovely old cottage that is across the yard from her house and down by the river. It is a cozy space with shelves full of books, tacky souvenirs and toys that she played with when she was a child. There’s a woodstove to keep things warm in the winter, a big wooden drafting table, a swively chair to sit on, trunks full of artwork, and a big radio and a small television to keep her company while she works. And, of course, there are stacks and stacks of paper pads to doodle on.


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