Laurel Molk - Author/Illustrator


Laurel Molk used to sell her drawings to her neighbors. The going rate was a penny a drawing or six for a nickel. Later she went on to pursue drawing at RISD. After many years of freelance work, including designing athletic shoes and athletic wear, and creating windows on Newbury Street, she directed her energy toward illustrating and writing children’s books. She has published several books and has exhibited in shows at the Society of Illustrators.#In her spare time, she knits and rambles through the woods with her dog. But not at the same time.#Things she likes include chocolate in any form, dogs and Paris. She does not like mosquitoes, long meetings or the color pink (with the exception of pink bubble gum).#She lives near Boston with her family, a big black dog, a flock of ducks and, unfortunately, many mosquitoes.


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