L.M. Falcone - Author


L. M. (Lucy) Falcone was a couch potato growing up and loved watching television. Her parents were immigrants, and rarely did a book find its way into her home — that is, until she discovered the local library. Encouraged by her beloved grade 5 teacher (Mrs. Cherwaty) to read her short stories aloud to the class, Lucy felt a spark ignite that has never been extinguished. She knew from the tender age of ten that she wanted to be a writer, although along the way she also became a teacher and a private investigator. Eventually she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her writing career. During that time she wrote for such series as The Littlest Hobo, New Monkees and Nickelodeon’s hugely popular Are You Afraid of the Dark?#Upon returning to Canada, Lucy remembered the excitement young viewers had for the spooky Are You Afraid of the Dark? stories and began writing supernatural thrillers for the same preteen audience. She loves writing for this age group because they still believe in magic — and so does she! #Her novels The Mysterious Mummer, Walking with the Dead, The Midnight Curse and The Devil, the Banshee and Me have garnered multiple nominations and several wins, including the Silver Birch, Red Maple and Diamond Willow awards.#Lucy is currently writing the comedic chapter book detective series The Ghost and Max Monroe.


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