Kelly Pousette - Illustrator


Kelly Pousette is a children’s book illustrator who uses paper cut pieces and dioramas to create magical, whimsical stories and scenes. Primarily self-taught, she experiments with both traditional and nontraditional techniques, incorporating mixed media. Her images often include woodland creatures and mirror the wild natural world around her.#Originally from the west coast of British Columbia, Kelly currently resides in northern British Columbia with her husband and their Anatolian Shepherd, Clovis. Their frequent outdoor adventures help to encourage her imagination and the creation of her paper cut worlds. Fly fishing, hiking and exploring are only a few of the activities that Kelly and her family enjoy in the north. Her favorite season is winter, when the smallest details – such as tiny footprints and lacy leafless trees – are accentuated.#Kelly’s paper cut dioramas capture the peace she feels when she is outside exploring, and she strives to bring the viewer into the scene. Within the slightest details viewers can spot stories within stories, such as seasons changing, wild gardens blooming and animals exploring and interacting. They tell the story of her adventures as well as the importance of these wild outdoor places that deserve our protection.#Kelly Pousette’s work has appeared on a CBC Arts documentary titled Paper Cuts, as well as in the Paris HuffPost and several art blogs. She has previously illustrated three children’s books: Little Things written by Nick Dyer, The Very Very Far North written by Dan Bar-el and Do Not Rake Your Garden in a Party Dress written by Aimée Bissonette.~Instagram: @kpousetteillustratrion


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