John Bindon - Illustrator


John is a published artist and has worked in both the book and commercial art industries since the early 1980s. His first book assignment was a dinosaur series, which inspired him to pursue prehistoric natural history subject matter in greater depth and accuracy. Developing and nurturing professional relationships with leading paleontologists over the years has allowed John to attain the level of scientific accuracy in his art that the science of paleontology demands.#Although his job history is varied, his area of interest is centered on children’s books. He has illustrated 37 children’s books to date and contributed to a number of other illustrated volumes in the Science and Natural History genres. His latest work is a wonderfully written book called Megabugs by Helaine Becker.#As well as printed media, John’s paleo-art has appeared in museum exhibits, specialty television documentaries – on Discovery Television and National Geographic – and conceptual work in the film industry.#In addition to his book, museum and film work, he has also maintained a career in commercial art and advertising. He has worked in a number of fields, including editorial advertising and licensing, notably jigsaw puzzles, calendars and stationery.#John and his wife, Frances, currently live in Burlington, Ontario.


  • Megabugs

    2021 - Red Cedar Award, BC Young Reader's Choice Awards, Short-listed

    2019 - OLA Best Bets, Ontario Library Association, Honour Book

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