Jennifer Glossop - Author


Jennifer Glossop was born in England, grew up in Chicago and now lives in Toronto, where, for many years, she has worked as a teacher and book editor. Children’s books were always a favorite of hers to edit, and eventually she was encouraged to write them herself. First, she wrote four books about dinosaurs, then two cookbooks for children. Most recently she wrote The Kids Book of World Religions. Tackling such a big subject was daunting, but finding the similarities among the various religions — celebrations of life events, attachments to certain places, rules for living a good life — was enlightening and made the work exhilarating. Along the way, Jennifer was helped by members of each religion, all of whom were eager to explain the history and basic tenets of their religions, knowing that the book would reach new generations of children. She has been told by many grown-ups that they have also learned a lot from the book.#Jennifer continues to live in Toronto and to edit books, although she now spends more time making art, gardening and traveling. Her two children are grown; one is a musician and one a college professor. She also has two granddaughters.


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