Jane Yealland - Author


Jane Yealland, with her friend and collaborator Ann-Maureen Owens, is the co-author of the popular children’s information books Forts of Canada, The Kids Book of Canadian Exploration and Our Flag: The Story of Canada’s Maple Leaf.#The two authors met when they both had young children, eight in total, and spent many hours taking them to historical sites around Kingston, Ontario. These explorations led to writing books about some of the fascinating stories from Canada’s past. #Researching the story of Canada’s flag was the rare opportunity to learn directly from people who in the 1960s had been part of the effort in working for Canada to have its own unique flag. The late John Matheson had many stories to tell about the flag committee looking over 3000 flag designs, and the authors also had the opportunity to talk with Joan O’Malley, who as a young woman sewed the first maple leaf flag.#Along with her work as a research associate at Queen’s Univeristy, Jane writes for a local magazine and is currently working on the story of her great-uncle who flew alongside Billy Bishop in World War I. She lives in Kingston, Ontario, with her golden retriever, Dory, and calico cat, Biddie.


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