J. F. Fox - Author


J.F. (Jenny) Fox was born, raised and educated in southeastern Virginia – that’s the bottom corner of the state that looks like a half-eaten tortilla chip. As a kid she loved to visit the local library, despite the creepy portrait of Shakespeare near the water fountain. She decided she wanted to write books when she was nine and entered a writing contest at school. After college, she moved to New York City to work in publishing.#Since then, Jenny has worked as a children’s book editor and a writer, and has met tons of creative people. As an editor, she loved working with authors and illustrators to craft their ideas into printed books. After becoming a mom, she decided to stay home to raise her two sons and focus on her own writing.#As a writer, Jenny’s passion is creating books with a funny, slightly nerdy bent – often featuring introverts, underdogs or antiheros – and stories for boys that speak to their interests without ignoring their emotions. Her picture book Friday Night Wrestlefest explores the fun of a family wrestling night and was named one of Parents magazine’s Best Books of 2020.#In her free time, Jenny enjoys working with the book committee at her younger son’s school to help support the school librarian, organize author visits and get more books into kids’ hands. Her own bookshelf is full of nonfiction stories about people’s lives and history. She also loves to cook, but not to follow recipes. Jenny lives with her husband and two sons in Brooklyn and upstate New York.~Facebook: @j.f.foxbooks~Instagram: @j.f.foxbooks


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