Chris Tougas - Author/Illustrator


Chris Tougas was born in Edmonton, Alberta, and moved to southern California when he was five years old. Chris practically grew up in his father’s art studio. He was enamored with his dad’s sculptures and would often sneak into the studio so that he could run his fingers over the latest masterpiece. But Chris’s early talent was drawing. He drew every day and on everything (including on his sleeping sister!).#After high school, Chris majored in playwriting at the University of Alberta, before moving to Seattle to study fine arts and acting. These interests eventually led Chris back to California, where he studied character animation at the California Institute of the Arts.#Chris’s first job out of college was with Disney Publishing in Burbank, where he was easily the least talented drawer on the floor. But Chris learned a lot from the experience, including the fact that he was a lousy employee. After leaving Disney, Chris worked as a freelance character designer and began pitching TV shows and movies around Hollywood. It was at this time that an idea for a children’s book popped into his noggin, where it would lie dormant for two decades. 20 years after first writing the words Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Star, Chris finally decided to revisit the idea, and he’s happy he did!#Chris is also the author and illustrator of several award-winning picture books, including Mechanimals, Art’s Supplies, and the Dojo Daycare series.


  • Poem in My Pocket

    2022 - Texas 2x2 Reading List, Texas Library Association, Winner

    2023 - Chocolate Lily Book Award, , Short-Listed

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