Candace Ryan - Author


Candace Ryan is the author of six picture books for children: Red Light, Green Lion; Ribbit Rabbit; Moo Hoo; Ewe and Aye; Zoo Zoom!; and Animal House. She has always been fascinated by words and images and the alchemy of putting them together. Like putting rocks in a tumbler, she is more than happy to spend her days having words churn and turn in her brain until they come out smooth and polished, ready to find their way into a published book. Despite her love for words, Candace aspires to one day take on the ultimate challenge of writing a wordless picture book. Until then, though, she will always prefer using as few words as possible so that the art has enough room to tell its share of the story.#In her free time, Candace loves riding her bicycle, taking long walks, and gardening. She is excited to be supporting the monarch butterfly’s full life cycle with a milkweed plant (Asclepias tuberosa) in her front yard. Candace loves rescuing odd bits of metal and broken bricks that have been abandoned in the washes of the Los Angeles River. She incorporates these treasured materials into various landscaping projects around her home. One of her proudest finds, the metallic remains of a refrigerator burned in a wildfire, is now an outdoor planter with a shimmering patina. Candace is also known to be an avid rock collector. In many ways, her garden could also be viewed as one giant rock zoo. Candace is a passionate basketball fan and even finds pleasure in following developments during the offseason. She lives with her amazing husband, wonderful son, three dogs, a cat and a tortoise in Los Angeles.


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