Cale Atkinson - Illustrator


Cale Atkinson was born and raised outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, surrounded by the Northwest forests and ocean. He grew up in a lively house full of various pets, including dogs, cats, hamsters, rats, parrots, hedgehogs and one very large iguana.#Ever since he can remember he has loved drawing and creating stories, be it through books, cartoons or comic strips.#Cale is now an author, illustrator and animator currently residing in Kelowna, British Columbia. You can usually find him up late drawing or watching cartoons with his wife, Jessika, and dog Charlie. His work can be found in animated shorts, video games and children’s books, including To the Sea, Explorers of the Wild, Where Oliver Fits, Off and Away and Sir Simon: Super Scarer.~Twitter: @2dCale~Instagram: @2dCale


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