Sam's Snowy Day

Mary Labatt
Marisol Sarrazin

Sam awakens one morning to find the whole world is covered in a blanket of white. She makes a snow angel, slides on the ice, then hops on a toboggan for the ride of her life.

This Level 1 first reader contains short stories, simple sentences, easy vocabulary, simple visual clues and lots of repetition.

978-1-55337-790-0 | Aug 1, 2005
List Price: USD $3.95, CAD $5.95
4-color 6 x 9 32 pages
Grades: K To 1 / Ages: 5 to 6
978-1-55453-925-3 | May 15, 2012
List Price: USD $4.99, CAD $4.99

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