Zoom Along at the Construction Site

Jessica Phillips

It's a new day at the construction site, and little ones can pretend to drive the vehicles that will get the job done! Large die-cut holes in place of each driver's face are perfect for a small child's own face to peek through. And mirrors, which can be seen through the holes, allow children to delight in seeing themselves in the driver's seat of all those powerful vehicles. From a bulldozer to an excavator to a dump truck, there are ten construction vehicles in all. For each vehicle, a short sentence explains its purpose (“I move bricks with a forklift”). Adding to the fun are rhyming sound effects on each spread (Zoom! Ka-Boom!). But what have the vehicles been building all along?

Toddlers love construction vehicles, making this an excellent addition to the Zoom Along series of interactive board books. The bright and cheerful illustrations by Jessica Phillips are filled with adorable details sure to enhance the child's experience. The action verbs describing what each vehicle does --- haul, load, hoist, carry --- provide terrific vocabulary enhancement. This book is perfect for reading aloud with small children, while encouraging imaginations to zoom around the construction site. Beep! Beep!

978-1-77138-886-3 | Sep 4, 2018
List Price: USD $15.99, CAD $16.99

Awards & Reviews

“Construction-obsessed tots will find themselves reflected in these pages.”
— Kirkus Reviews, August 2018
“... contributes to vocabulary growth, and it belongs in home collections as well as libraries serving preschoolers.”
— CM Magazine, September 2018
“Preschool children who love construction vehicles will enjoy this title.”
— Resource Links, December 2018

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