Benoit Tardif
Benoit Tardif

This engaging wordbook offers a primer for young children on the essential words and phrases associated with twenty-three different sports. From badminton to volleyball, each on their own two-page spread, readers can peruse the vocabulary words to explore how the sport is played, what equipment is required, what athletes wear and the like. For example, included on the football spread are “touchdown pass,” “end zone” and “helmet.” For swimming, there are “goggles,” “lane markers” and “crawl.” The illustrations, in bright primary colors, also provide a quick tutorial on the basics of each sport. Humorous asides and silly dialogue throughout add to the book's overall lively and amusing feel. For example, a golf ball inside an alligator's mouth becomes an “unplayable ball.” And a diver leaping off the highest platform comments, “What a view!” Also in keeping with the light tone of the book, there's a spread in the middle called Halftime, which features searching and counting activities. Award-winning illustrator Benoit Tardif cleverly imparts the sense of fun involved in playing sports, along with lots of useful information. This is a book that will be pored over by small children, each looking for their own favorite sport or trying to learn more about new ones. The short descriptions of the included sports and the glossary at the back of the book mean it also works in physical education lessons for young pre-readers up to the early elementary grades

978-1-77138-327-1 | Mar 1, 2015
List Price: USD $17.95, CAD $18.95
4-color 8 1/2 x 10 1/2 56 pages
Grades: PreSchool To 2 / Ages: 3 to 7
978-1-77138-441-4 | Sep 11, 2014
List Price: USD $9.99, CAD $9.99

Awards & Reviews

“Illustrator Tardif's picture-book debut is a collection of terms related to 23 different sports, all illustrated with stylized people, brilliant colors and a touch of humor.”
— Kirkus Reviews, January 2015
“.... intro to sports for the littlest kids that is both straightforwardly educational and guilelessly lighthearted.”
— Booklist, February 2015
“The author's humor abounds on nearly every page ...”
— School Library Journal, June 2015
“... [Sport-O-Rama has] humour, [and] cute drawings that will appeal to very young readers, and clever ways to showcase the featured sports...”
— CM Magazine, June 2015
“An excellent complement to Healthy, Active Lifestyles curriculum.”
— Resource Links, October 2015
2016 - Silver Birch Express Honour Book, Ontario Library Association, Winner
2015 - First & Best List, Toronto Public Library, Short-listed

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