Mr. Maxwell's Mouse

Frank Asch
Devin Asch

Mr. Maxwell is one contented cat. He has just been promoted. And what better way to celebrate than by going to his favorite restaurant, the Paw and Claw?

He decides to live a little and order the house specialty --- a live mouse. When the headwaiter asks if they should kill the mouse, Mr. Maxwell says that isn't necessary. He knows the Paw and Claw's mice are bred for politeness!

But this particular live mouse can't keep quiet --- would Mr. Maxwell like to add a little salt? Or order a glass of wine? Would he mind saying a little prayer before eating? My, what a bold and wordy mouse! Mr. Maxwell hopes the mouse doesn't give him indigestion ...

Richly illustrated and full of surprises. Mr. Maxwell's Mouse is a David-and-Goliath story with claws, whiskers and tails.

978-1-77138-117-8 | Apr 1, 2014
List Price: USD $8.95, CAD $9.95
4-color 9 1/2 x 11 32 pages
Grades: K To 4 / Ages: 5 to 9

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Awards & Reviews

“This father/son team has concocted a delicious cat-and-mouse tale in which small outsmarts large. Visually stunning, the period setting, captivating illustrations, and tongue-in-cheek dialogue create a delectable tail, er, tale of one-upmousemanship to be savored.”
— Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review, September 2004
“The story, rarefied and arch, revels in its elegant surroundings.”
— New York Times, February 2005
“Readers will relish the formal language as a tongue-in-cheek counterpoint to a very funny, if macabre, story. ... A truly scrumptious treat.”
— School Library Journal, Starred Review, September 2004
“Father-son team Frank and Devin Asch here team up for a cat-and-mouse tale that showcases the younger Asch's lush digital artistic talents, alongside the elder's witty text.”
— Publishers Weekly, September 2004
2007 - Young Reader Medal, California Library Association, Short-listed
2006 - Children's Book Illustration Award, 3x3 Magazine, Commended
2006 - Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award, Short-listed
2006 - Black-Eyed Susan Book Award, Maryland Educational Media, Short-listed
2005 - Read Aloud Book Award, Runner-up
2005 - Childrens' Choices, International Reading Association, Short-listed
2004 - Best Books of 2004, School Library Journal, Winner
2004 - Book of the Year Award - Gold Medal, ForeWord Magazine, Winner

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