Mixed Beasts

Kenyon Cox
Wallace Edwards

Prepare to be amazed by a collection of beasts such as the world has never seen. To track down these curious creatures, Professor Julius Duckworth O'Hare, Esq., the roving zoologist, traveled to the far corners of the globe. In this fascinating publication of his findings, the Professor commissioned the poetic talents of Kenyon Cox and the artistic powers of Wallace Edwards to bring his expedition to life in the form of an illustrated field guide.

In these pages lurk bizarre beasts, such as the Bumblebeaver and the Rhinocerostrich, depicted in their natural environments. Readers possessing a sharp eye and an inquisitive nature will be rewarded with exotic flora and fauna hidden in each remarkable painting. So delay not, seekers of the strange and undiscovered. Step into the world of Mixed Beasts!

978-1-77138-035-5 | Sep 1, 2013
List Price: USD $9.95, CAD $9.95
4-color 9 x 12 32 pages
Grades: 1 To 6 / Ages: 6 to 11

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Awards & Reviews

“This arresting book has lots of child appeal.”
— School Library Journal, January 2006
“In a finished, painterly style, Edwards places his often hilariously imagined subjects in elaborate settings.”
— Kirkus Reviews, September 2005
2006 - Independant Publisher Book Award, Short-listed
2006 - Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Award, Runner-up
2006 - Libris Award, Canadian Booksellers Association, Short-listed
2005 - Governor General's Literary Award, Children's Illustration, Canada Council for the Arts, Short-listed

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