Looking Closely across the Desert

Frank Serafini
Frank Serafini

Look closely. Look very closely. Is it ... a pincushion? Monster's skin? Give up? Just turn the page and, lo and behold, it's a prickly pear cactus. See what looks like cornsilk revealed as sandstone, a birthday candle as a saguaro cactus flower, and many more surprises when you look closely across the desert. The Looking Closely series takes children on a journey of discovery through four environments --- the forest, the shore, the desert and the garden. Frank Serafini's camera lens enlarges each world through the magic of close-up photography.

Young eyes will rediscover our planet as a place of beauty, mystery and delight. Readers are first challenged to guess the identity of each closeup photograph. The next page reveals the entire photograph of the plant, animal or natural object accompanied by a simple but detailed description of the habitat. By inspiring children to ask questions and use their imaginations, these books help build problem-solving skills. They also encourage curiosity about environments that, examined this closely, are full of unexpected wonders.

978-1-5253-0003-5 | Sep 5, 2017
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Awards & Reviews

“Striking photographs and an interactive format encourage kids to fine-tune visual perception and discover nature's beauty and diversity”
— School Library Journal, April 2009
“The format will work well one-on-one and allow group participation in guessing the subject of each photo.”
— School Library Journal, September 2008
2011 - Grand Canyon Reader Award, Arizona Library & Reading Associations, Short-listed

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