Leon the Chameleon

Mélanie Watt
Mélanie Watt

Leon the chameleon has a problem. When the other little chameleons turn green, yellow or blue --- he turns red, purple or orange! Leon doesn't turn the opposite color on purpose. He just can't help it. Being different makes Leon feel lonely.

One day, the little chameleons go exploring and lose their way. As the parents anxiously search for their little ones, they suddenly spot a speck of color far off in the distance. It's Leon! And thanks to his brilliant hue, the little chameleons are rescued. This time, being different makes Leon feel proud!

Leon the Chameleon is a charming story that also explores the basic elements of color. At the end of the book, a color wheel displays primary colors and their complementary hues.

978-1-55337-527-2 | Feb 1, 2003
List Price: USD $7.95, CAD $8.95
4-color 8 x 8 32 pages
Grades: Toddler To K / Ages: 2 to 5

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Awards & Reviews

“Watt's use of primary colors and bold black outlines makes this a good choice for storytimes ...”
— Quill & Quire, May 2001
“Young children will enjoy the brightly hued cartoon illustrations and will understand the message about appreciating differences.”
— School Library Journal, April 2001
“Watt debuts with a simple tale that is partly a celebration of physical differences and partly a lesson in color theory. Bright hues and simple shapes lend plenty of visual appeal to the illustrations, especially when the entire double-paged spread is one color (green, for instance) and Leon stands out like a sore thumb. These are the purest colors, too, strong and clear, a plus compared to what is often found in books on color.”
— Kirkus Reviews, February 2001
“... this is not only a comforting tale about being special but also a visually effective choice for children just learning colors.”
— Booklist, April 2001
2002 - Our Choice, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Winner
2002 - Young Adults' Choices, International Reading Association, Short-listed
2002 - Book of the Year Award, ForeWord Magazine, Short-listed
2001 - International Book Award, The Society of School Librarians International, Runner-up

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