The Leading Edge of Now

Marci Lyn Curtis

Just when Grace is beginning to get used to being an orphan, her estranged uncle suddenly comes forward to claim her.

That might have been okay if he'd spoken to her even once since her father died.

Or if moving in with Uncle Rusty didn't mean returning to New Harbor.

Grace once spent the best summers of her life in New Harbor. Now the place just reminds her of all she's lost: her best friend, her boyfriend and any memory of the night that changed her forever.

People say the truth will set you free, but Grace isn't sure about that. Once she starts looking for it, the truth about that night is hard to find --- and what happens when her healing hurts the people she cares about the most?

Marci Lyn Curtis, the critically acclaimed author of The One Thing, has crafted an honest and emotional story that will resonate with the wide range of readers impacted by sexual assault.

Sexual assault does not define this story, however, just as it does not define Grace. Wry humor and true love emerge as Grace, like many in the #MeToo era, seeks to find her truth, face her truth, and speak her truth.

978-1-77138-999-0 | Sep 4, 2018
List Price: USD $17.99, CAD $18.99
BW 5 3/4 x 8 1/2 336 pages
Grades: 9 To 12 / Ages: 14 to 18
978-1-5253-0139-1 | Sep 4, 2018
List Price: USD $10.99, CAD $12.99
BW 5 3/4 x 8 1/2 336 pages
Grades: 9 To 12 / Ages: 14 to 18
978-1-5253-0184-1 | Sep 4, 2018
List Price: USD $7.99, CAD $7.99

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Awards & Reviews

“Candid and emotional. A sometimes painful, memory-soaked portrait of grief and---most importantly---survival.”
— Jenn Bennett, author of Alex, Approximately, February 2018
“Raw, gripping, and continually surprising. The Leading Edge of Now deftly balances heartbreak and humor.”
— Laurie Elizabeth Flynn, author of Firsts and Last Girl Lied To, February 2018
“One of those rare, beautiful books that will shatter your heart, then gently put the pieces back together with its humor, honesty, and breathtaking writing. Marci Lyn Curtis has done it again.”
— Samantha Joyce, author of Flirting with Fame, February 2018
“Helmed by a protagonist who is savvy, lost, broken, sarcastic and ultimately strong enough to create love in a world too often poised to break a girl, The Leading Edge of Now will leave you with a deep need to live life to the fullest.”
— Shannon M. Parker, author of The Girl Who Fell and The Rattled Bones, February 2018
“While the writing is open and realistic, the author is also sensitive and shows both caring and understanding ...”
— CM Magazine, October 2018
“... a heart-wrenching, quick paced novel that's bound to drive you to tears.”
—, October 2018
“A raw but beautiful tale ...”
— YA Books Central, November 2018

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