The Ghastly McNastys: Fright in the Night

Lyn Gardner
Ros Asquith

Sweaty socks! Squeaky underpants! Just when the inhabitants of Little Snoring think they've seen the last of Gruesome and Grisly McNasty, the “repulsive, repellant” pirate twins are unexpectedly --- and very disgustingly --- expelled from a shark onto the deck of The Good Hope. Seizing on their good luck, the pair quickly rid themselves of the ship's captain and crew, commandeer the vessel and set sail once again to claim Captain Syd's lost treasure. Fortunately, once local children Tat and Hetty realize the evil McNastys are responsible for The Good Hope's disappearance, they devise a clever trap to easily lure the witless duo to their capture. But when things go awry, Tat and Hetty become the captives instead, and they're suddenly thrown into a perilous race against the ocean's rising tide. Are the friends doomed to a dastardly death at sea?

The talented author-and-illustrator team of Lyn Gardner and Ros Asquith continue the hysterical and exuberant fun in this third and final installment of the early chapter book series about “the nastiest and ghastliest pirates ever to have sailed the seven seas.” The series is perfect for beginning readers who love outrageous, goofy and gross humor in a fast-moving story. With the same level of playful asides, odd characters and, of course, nasty pirates, this last book is sure to satisfy fans of the series. The silly wordplay offers a terrific opportunity to engender a love of the magic of words and language.

978-1-77138-687-6 | Apr 1, 2016
List Price: USD $7.99, CAD $7.99

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Awards & Reviews

“Attention is paid throughout the book to make each element ingenious, from text to illustration.”
— CM Magazine, June 2016
“... a funny, accessible book well suited to readers gaining confidence with independent reading.”
— Resource Links, October 2016

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