Earth-Friendly Buildings, Bridges and More

Etta Kaner
Stephen MacEachern

Introducing Corry Lapont: 12-year-old and aspiring “green” engineer. This dynamic title takes the form of Corry's scrapbook. It's a dazzling collection of postcards, brochures and other memorabilia documenting Corry's research into green design. Kid-friendly language explains the engineering behind some of the planet's most cutting edge towers, bridges, tunnels, domes, dams, dikes, locks and levees. These structures include the Vizcaya Bridge in Spain, where gondolas transport cars over the Nervion River, and the Channel tunnel, where trains speed between England and France in just 35 minutes. Readers will explore the environmental impact of structures, such as the pros and cons of dam construction and how rainwater can be used to cool buildings. Complex concepts are clarified with simple activities, as well as colorful drawings, fun facts and the occasional wisecrack from Corry's kid brother, Riley.

978-1-55453-570-5 | Apr 1, 2012
List Price: USD $18.95, CAD $19.95
4-color 8 1/2 x 11 64 pages
Grades: 3 To 7 / Ages: 8 to 12

Awards & Reviews

“This handsome, information-rich, yet brief illustrated “eco-journal” fills a gap---and more.”
— Kirkus Reviews, March 2012
“The explanations and presentation are kid-friendly ...”
— School Library Journal, June 2012
“Kaner offers a detailed introduction to green technology for readers interested in the environment and architecture.”
— Publishers Weekly, May 2012
2014 - Diamond Willow Award, The Saskatchewan Young Readers' Choice Award, Short-listed
2013 - Silver Birch Nonfiction Award, Ontario Library Association, Short-listed
2013 - Information Book Award, Children's Literature Roundtables of Canada, Short-listed
2013 - Best Children's Books of the Year, Bank Street Children's Book Committee, Winner
2013 - Red Cedar Award, BC Young Reader's Choice, Short-listed
2012 - Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Winner
2012 - Science in Society Book Award, Canadian Science Writers' Association, Short-listed

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