Monika Melnychuk

This book in the Planet Girl series approaches the subject of money with the verve and hip intelligence the series is known for. Today's girl is no fool --- she knows money can't buy happiness. But if she wants on the bus, or a snack when she's out, she needs some cash flow.

Money management often gets left out of home or classroom discussions. Planet Girl has delivered a book that gives practical advice on a range of topics relating to money --- tips on jobs, saving, debt, spending and budgeting, how to become a girl entrepreneur, what to scrimp on (and what not to), the hidden price of cheap, how to reconcile having less than some friends and why fundraising can make girls feel priceless!

As expected from the Planet Girl series, the book is chockfull of energetic comics and spot art, and also includes checklists, quizzes, money journal pages to photocopy, a bank lingo glossary and much more.

With Centsibility, preparing for a lifetime of smart money management and developing a healthy money attitude has never been easier or more appealing to girls.

978-1-55453-208-7 | Feb 1, 2008
List Price: USD $12.95, CAD $14.95
4-color 7 x 7 80 pages
Grades: 5 To 9 / Ages: 10 to 14

Awards & Reviews

“Your purse and your piggy bank will love you for it ... interesting money-making ideas ...”
— Las Vegas Review-Journal, April 2008
“Girls who are eager to earn their own money will be extremely interested in this book. With eye-catching illustrations throughout Melnychuk's art will grab readers ... This book is a worthwhile addition to any intermediate or middle school library.”
— Library Media Connection, May 2008
2009 - Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Winner

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