Big Star Otto

Bill Slavin
Bill Slavin

In this conclusion to the Elephants Never Forget graphic novel trilogy, big-hearted hero Otto and his parrot pal Crackers have landed in Hollywood, the final stop in their journey across America in search of their good friend Georgie the chimpanzee. They've been hot on Georgie's trail since he was abducted from Africa by the sinister Man with the Wooden Nose, and now they're sure they've finally found his location. Reaching him is going to be tough, however, with a dishonest acting agent, a shadowy villain, disgruntled wannabe animal actors and some elephant-rights activists, among others, regularly thwarting their plans. It seems that greed and the quest for fame “can do awful things to folk” here in Tinseltown, as a wise old elephant tells Otto. Can true friendship possibly win in the end?

This is an immensely entertaining adventure story, with fantastic artwork by award-winning illustrator Bill Slavin that is detailed, energetic and packed with visual humor throughout. It's a perfect fit for emerging and reluctant readers looking for a strong visual narrative to help them through a book. The hilarious storyline offers lots of sly, clever jokes driven by high-velocity action and a heartwarming and lovable main character. In fact, what helps set the books in this series apart is that, through all of the misadventures that get in his way, Otto's good nature and generosity remain constant, and his commitment to finding his friend never wavers, providing wonderful character education lessons on friendship, perseverance and teamwork.

Awards & Reviews

“... the conclusion of Otto's devoted search for his friend will please his fans.”
— Kirkus Reviews, November 2014
“A humorous conclusion to this zany graphic novel series for elementary-age students.”
— School Library Journal, March 2015
“Big Star Otto is a humorous and endearing narrative of perseverance and friendship.”
— CM Magazine, June 2015
“This one's a page-turner with enticing art, juicy dialogue and a satisfying twist at the end.”
— Chicago Tribune, June 2015
2015 - Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Winner

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