Animal Masquerade


Come one, come all to the animal masquerade! The lion is going as an elephant, the elephant as a parrot, and the parrot as a turtle! Each costume gives way to another, yielding new surprises on every page, and revealing a menagerie of familiar and unusual animals. Young children will delight in the absurd and amusing images (who wouldn't love a ladybug dressed as a hippopotamus?) and will also appreciate the gags (a fish costumed as a cat is dubbed a “catfish”) and other bits of silly sweetness. Recapping this reading adventure: a detailed panorama at book's end, showing all the party guests in their fanciful finery.

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Awards & Reviews

“A good choice for imaginative animal lovers.”
— Kirkus Reviews, January 2012
“An unassuming gem.”
— Publisher's Weekly, Starred Review, January 2012
“With subtle variations in text and font Dubuc ensures that this parade is always surprising.”
— The Toronto Star, March 2012
“Wishing that they, too, could attend the masquerade, children will eagerly turn the pages to discover the disguise chosen by their favorite animal.”
— School Library Journal, April 2012
“... sparklingly droll and imaginative ... Marianne Dubuc, a French Canadian artist, has created a delightful cavalcade of birds and beasts ...”
— The New York Times, June 2012
“For kids who never tire of driving one joke into the ground, this is the perfect book---and for their adults, there are enough surprises to make that one joke tolerable for repeated readings.”
— The Horn Book, Starred Review, May 2012
2013 - Outstanding International Book, USBBY, Winner

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