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ENGAGE and EMPOWER young readers with stories about girls who show courage, creative problem-solving and confidence.


The Most Magnificent Thing

“It’s a useful description of the creative process, an affirmation of making rather than buying, and a model for girl engineers.” — Publishers Weekly

“This indefatigable little girl won't let frustration get in the way of creating her magnificent contraption. Determination is key!” — Today's Parent

The Mermaid and the Shoe

“Minnow’s tale will remind readers that it is okay to ask questions and seek answers, to stand out and be unique.” — School Library Journal

“… Campbell’s sense of visual humor and Minnow's prince-free happy ending suit 2014 beautifully.” — The New York Times

Suki’s Kimono

“Overall, this is an appealing story of courage and independence.” — School Library Journal

“The title character in the appealing story is a free spirit who wavers only briefly in her dedication to her own feelings.” — The New York Times

My Name is Elizabeth

“Children who have had similar experiences will certainly relate to Elizabeth and may be inspired by her directness.” — School Library Journal

“First-time children’s author Annika Dunklee hits the mark with a spunky character who is guaranteed to charm early readers and parents alike.” — Quill & Quire

Luz Sees the Light

“… an enjoyable book that should inspire kids to act locally.” — Publishers Weekly

“This book is a good transitional reader for children interested in activism or the environment.” — School Library Journal


Loula and the Sister Recipe

★ “Children yearning for a reversal of authority, or at least for an adult to go along with their brand of make-believe, will nod approvingly and smile often at Loula's confounding cookery.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Loula is a delight and deserves a place among Fancy Nancy and Eloise.” — Booklist Online

Virginia Wolf

★ “Knowledge of Virginia Woolf and her painter-sister Vanessa Bell is unnecessary; this works beautifully as a bad-day/bad-mood or animal-transformation tale, while readers who know actual depression will find it handled with tenderly forceful aplomb.” — Kirkus Reviews

“… the book is ultimately a feel-good celebration of the power of the imagination and art to create perfect places in the world when none can be found.” — Booklist

Hana Hashimoto, Sixth Violin

“Uegaki's book is winning in every possible way … Hana displays courage, creative problem-solving and lots of spunk.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Hana's clever triumph is testament to her inventiveness, perceptiveness, and dedication.” — Publishers Weekly

Super Red Riding Hood

“Whether children are familiar with the folktale or not, they will be delighted by the strong heroine who stands up for herself.” — School Library Journal

“This is a simple but charming twist on a classic tale, with a strong lead character and a happily ever after ending well-suited for a modern audience.” — CM Magazine