Matte Stephens - Illustrator

Matte Stephens

Matte Stephens lives in Peterborough, New Hampshire, with his lovely wife, Vivienne; five cats and dog, Oliver. When he is not painting, he enjoys playing Ping-Pong, watching a good film and hiking in the lovely New Hampshire woods.

Matte has been a painter of pictures his entire adult life and has never had a job that he left his house for. A quote from a speech he gave at the Moose Lodge sums it up best: “For me it is a much better life to work from home.” Those words were the only ones in the entire speech. After that he left the room, and I would imagine he went home.

Matte really enjoyed working on Mr. Flux, and if he were to connect with any of the characters, it would be the mayor on the ladder eating the apple. Matte says thank you for your time.

Mr. Flux

2014 - Best Books of the Year for Children and Young Adults - Outstanding Merit, Bank Street Children's Book Committee, Winner
2014 - Rainforest of Reading, Ontario Library Association, Short-listed

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Mr. Flux, 2013