Kari Rust - Illustrator

Kari Rust worked as an animation artist and art teacher for many years before stepping into the world of children's books. She animated for video games, TV shows and movies, and has taught art to both children and adults. When her kids were born, she re-discovered how wonderful picture books are --- each one has the potential to say so much with its own blend of images and words. Much like animation, picture books offer the opportunity to bring characters and stories to life. Making books is also a way to explore many interests and be curious, and of course, it's a great reason to draw. Kari realized it was the opportunity she'd been waiting for!

When Kari was still a young kid she was inspired to become an artist by her mom's cousin. He was a painter and also made fascinating miniature things, such as snow-covered cabins that lit up inside. Kari's dad was an architect and her mom made art, so she and her brother never faced any disapproval when they both chose to go to art college after high school.

It's hard to say when inspiration might strike, and Kari tries to be ready for it. A funny dog, a dried-up garden, an old photo or a childhood memory might spark an idea that she can wonder about and invent images for. Kari also loves to learn about discoveries in science that open new perspectives on life and the universe. She is not a fan of slugs, but is trying to make peace with them.

A graduate of Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Kari lives in an old house in Vancouver with her son, daughter, animator husband and dog, Rolo.
Instagram: @rustikar

Emmy Noether

2021 - Noteworthy Books for Children and Teens List, Capitol Choices, Winner
2021 - Best Children's Books List, Bank Street College, Winner
2020 - Children`s Book Award, Science Writers and Communicators of Canada, Short-listed