Dave Cameron - Author

Dave Cameron

Dave Cameron began his writing life as a journalist, and his profiles and essays have appeared in several publications, including Reader's Digest, the Walrus and Cottage Life.

Dave does some of his writing at a family cottage on the shores of Lake Huron. The century-old building is falling down in a charming way, and its many nooks and shadowy crannies are home to many, many critters. Spiders and mice are quite comfortable there. Squirrels stash food in the roof. There's a hole in the wall by the front door that makes a perfect nest for the very small and very loud house wren. The cottage, is, really, their place. Fortunately, none of these creatures seem to mind when humans drop by.

Dave spends most of the year in Hamilton, Ontario, with his partner and their son.


2022 - Jean Throop Book Award, IODE, Short-listed

Picture Books

Wingmaker, 2021