Ted Harrison - Illustrator


For more than half a century, Ted Harrison’s artwork has inspired the world. His colorful and somewhat whimsical depictions of the Canadian Northwest delight viewers both young and old alike. #Born in 1926, in the village of Wingate County Durham, England, Ted began to create art at a young age — despite his art teacher telling him he had no talent for it! #Ted never gave up and even attended Art College in Hartlepool during the Second World War. And since he knows that a life as an artist can be hard, he also earned himself a teaching certificate. #Ted and his wife lived in several countries around the world before finally settling in Carcross, Yukon. Here he taught art and painted the inspirational landscapes of the north. He painted the mountains, buildings, people and animals of the Yukon the way they looked in his mind. It is this subject matter that the artist is best known for today.


  • Cremation of Sam McGee

    1986 - Best Book Selection, The New York Times, Winner

    1986 - Notable Book, American Library Association, Winner

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