Joseph Kelly - Illustrator


Joseph Kelly is the illustrator of the popular Kids Can Press Martin Bridge book series. He came to children’s illustration along a roundabout route that threaded through industrial design and concept animation.#He has always drawn, and in high school he used charcoal and brown paper to people the walls of his room with life-sized portraits of characters from The Lord of the Rings, something he would certainly do again if he were sure his wife wouldn’t mind living with a houseful of goblins. Though his drawings for the Martin Bridge books are somewhat smaller than life-sized, the number of shaded graphite drawings and acrylic paintings comes to over 650 pieces of art.#When he isn’t illustrating, Joseph uses a homemade lens and plumber’s pipe viewer to explore tide pools at the shore near his home in Sonoma, California, and is known for painting very large portraits of very small beach puddle residents.


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