Frank Serafini - Author/Illustrator


Dr. Frank Serafini is an author, illustrator, photographer, educator, musician, and an Associate Professor of Literacy Education and Children’s Literature at Arizona State University. In addition, Frank was an elementary school teacher for nine years in Phoenix, Arizona, and spent three years as a literacy specialist in K-6 classrooms. Frank spends a great deal of time providing staff development workshops and conducting research focusing on reading instruction and the role of children’s literature in the reading curriculum. He has published six professional development books for elementary educators with Scholastic and Heinemann Publishers. Frank is currently working on a research project focusing on Visual Literacies.#In 1994, Frank created to support his work as a nature photographer and world traveler. He has displayed his photographic images in galleries in Las Vegas and Arizona. Frank works in 35mm format and uses both slide film and digital capture.#A true “Renaissance Man,” Frank loves to travel, sing, play guitar, cook, draw, read, visit art galleries and watch movies. Frank released his first musical album in 1992 entitled Oceanheart, and is currently the lead guitarist and singer in a band called Frankie and the Tornadoes.


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