Zzz ...

Trudee Romanek
Rose Cowles

In the fourth Mysterious You book, Zzz ..., kids uncover the secrets of sleep to find out how the body clock works, why the brain needs sleep, what happens during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep and more.

This unique book explores the mysteries of the human body using a mix of thoroughly researched factual information, amazing anecdotes and surprising try-it activities.

Did you know?
• If a person lives to be 70, they'll have spent 23 years sleeping.
• Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was inspired by music he heard in his dreams.
• Gorillas who've learned sign language have been known to sign in their sleep!

978-1-55074-946-5 | Mar 1, 2002
List Price: USD $8.95, CAD $8.95
4-color 8 1/2 x 9 1/2 40 pages
Grades: 4 To 9 / Ages: 9 to 14

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Awards & Reviews

“Curious children will find plenty to interest them and answer their questions.”
— Booklist, June 2002
“The writing style is breezy and conversational, but focused enough to be complete and accurate.”
— School Library Journal, June 2002
“Each page of the book discusses an aspect of sleep (e.g., yawning and dreams) of topical interest, illustrates the concept with a cartoon, and has a box of short text that addresses the topic. This is a captivating and informative presentation. The book is filled with interesting facts such as details of animals' sleep; the loudest snore; the longest period of wakefulness; and the sleep habits of some famous people - Einstein, Churchill, and Edison.”
— Science Books & Films, October 2002
“Highly recommended”
— CM Magazine, May 2002
2005 - Red Cedar Book Award, Short-listed
2003 - Silver Birch Award, Ontario Library Association, Short-listed
2003 - Our Choice - Starred Selection, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Winner
2003 - Childrens' Choices, International Reading Association, Short-listed

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