Exploits of a Reluctant (But Extremely Goodlooking) Hero

Maureen Fergus

Meet a teenage hero who likes nothing better than to sit back with a bucket of fried chicken and a girlie magazine, waiting for his family plumbing fortune to come to him. But when our hero gets into some serious trouble, he's forced to volunteer at a local soup kitchen where he finds himself at the center of a struggle between the rich and the poor, the selfish and the selfless. It is a worthy cause he could care less about until the day he stumbles across a shocking piece of information. What happens next surprises everybody, including our very reluctant hero.

Exploits of a Reluctant (But Extremely Goodlooking) Hero is a novel of adventure, intrigue, Ukrainian dance lessons, disruptive horseplay, inappropriate ogling and some truly heroic consumption of junk food. Adrian Mole meets South Park in this often outrageous and always hilarious trip into the inner world of a boy teetering on the brink of manhood.

978-1-55453-025-0 | Mar 1, 2007
List Price: USD $7.95, CAD $8.95
BW 5 1/4 x 7 7/8 216 pages
Grades: 5 To 9 / Ages: 10 to 14
978-1-77138-384-4 | Jul 18, 2014
List Price: USD $, CAD $

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Awards & Reviews

“... a very funny, very original first novel ...”
— Winnipeg Free Press, April 2007
“This story is sure to appeal to teens who like their narrators edgy, quirky, outrageous, and hilarious.”
— School Library Journal, April 2007
“A first-rate debut ... extraordinarily witty, zippy and entertaining throughout.”
— Kirkus Reviews, February 2007
2008 - Book of the Year for Children Award, CLA, Short-listed
2007 - Best Bets Young Adult, Ontario Library Association, Winner
2007 - Book of the Year, ForeWord Magazine, Short-listed

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