Build It!

Adrienne Mason
Claudia Dávila

Developed with the cooperation of a science consultant, this book in the Primary Physical Science series is a tool to teach the physical sciences to young children. From bicycles to bridges to beaver dams, structures are all around us. Build It! explores the function of structures, the materials they're made of, how their parts are joined together and more.

978-1-55337-836-5 | Sep 1, 2006
List Price: USD $7.95, CAD $7.95
4-color 8 1/2 x 10 1/2 32 pages
Grades: Pre-K To 2 / Ages: 4 to 7

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Awards & Reviews

“This colorful beginning science series is suitable for primary-grade students in groups and even younger children one-on-one.”
— Booklist, December 2006
“Whether your child has the curious mind of a future architect or jsut wants to know how tissues catch a sneeze, the answers are in these pages ... There are many activities suited to the young child ... This delightful, well-illustrated book has more ideas and experiemnts listed in teh back pages for parents and teachers to use.”
— Together Magazine, December 2006
“The description of ... [each] concept being introduced is appropriate for the intended audience and is often presented in a manner that tests children's understanding...There are too few books like this available for young children. I recommend the “Primary Physical Science” books to parents and to school librarians responsible for adding important books to their library's collection. Highly Recommended.”
— CM Magazine, October 2006

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