Adventures in the Ice Age

Linda Bailey
Bill Slavin

Join the Binkertons --- twins Josh and Emma and their little sister Libby --- as they return to the Good Times Travel Agency only to find themselves deep-frozen in the Ice Age!

First they get lost --- there are no road signs in the Ice Age (no roads, either). Then they're starved and shivering --- Ice Age food is no picnic, and the only shelter is a cave. The Binkertons need to make some friends, fast. Even if they're mammoth, woolly ones ...

Adventures in the Ice Age is an engaging mix of adventure and historical information about life in the last Ice Age. Did you know that Early Modern Humans looked like us? Or that Earth has been going through ice age cycles for millions of years? Find out about the world's first art gallery, Ice Age barbecues, music and more.

978-1-55337-504-3 | Aug 1, 2004
List Price: USD $8.95, CAD $8.95
4-color 8 1/2 x 11 48 pages
Grades: 3 To 7 / Ages: 8 to 12

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Awards & Reviews

“Readers will enjoy Bailey's breezy style, whcich remains light even as it delivers information; there's even occasional humor. Slavin's colorful illustrations clarify the details and add to the appeal. an afterword distinguishing fact from fiction rounds out a good introduction for young readers.”
— Booklist, November 2004
2006 - Hackmatack Children's Choice Book Award, Short-listed

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