Michele Steckel - Author/Illustrator

Michele (Shelli) Steckel is the producer and cofounder of the Milestones Project™. She is a sensitive photo editor, master “picture finder” and talented photographer specializing in context photographs. While traveling the globe for the past several decades, she has developed countless friendships with individuals, families, doctors and non-governmental organizations all committed to creating a better world free of hatred and intolerance.

Ms. Steckel's varied career has included successfully directing an award-winning children's museum gift shop, teaching children in need of special education, and “managing the unmanageable” --- a household of three rambunctious children that has somehow morphed into seven grandchildren, three sons-in-law and three still-rambunctious grown daughters.

She has also co-hosted the semi-annual Dialogue (a recurring honor since 1997), a unique social/learning event that brings social entrepreneurs together to discuss how to build mission-driven, profit-minded organizations.

Ms. Steckel attended Brooklyn College where she met Richard, her “starter husband” of 45 years. Together they have produced over a dozen nationally acclaimed photography-based educational resources with the Milestones Project.


2013 - Best Children's Books of the Year, Bank Street Children's Book Committee, Winner


Faith, 2012