Maureen Fergus - Author

Shortly after Maureen was born in 1967, her family moved from Regina, Saskatchewan, to Winnipeg, Manitoba, where they lived until she was 16 years old. At that point, they moved again, this time to southern Ontario. After finishing high school there, Maureen went on to earn an undergraduate degree in science at the University of Western Ontario and a Master of Business Administration at McGill University in Montreal. Upon completion of this degree, she moved back to Winnipeg and embarked upon her business career, which included senior management positions in aerospace and biopharmaceutical companies, consulting contracts in a variety of industries and teaching business at the local college.

Maureen got married at the age of 28 and had three children in the following three-and-a-half years. Six weeks after her first child was born --- feeling as though she needed a way to keep her brain stimulated in between diaper changes --- Maureen tried writing fiction for the first time. And as she reached her fingers out toward the keyboard, it felt as though she were slipping her hands into a pair of gloves that had been waiting for her her whole life. It was the first step on the long, challenging path that led to Maureen becoming a published author.

These days, life is busy for Maureen. She went back to work in the business world as the part-time managing director of a financial services firm five years ago, when her youngest child started grade one. So two days a week Maureen lives in the fast-paced corporate world, and three days a week (plus whatever other time she can manage!) she writes. In between, Maureen shops for groceries, makes lunches, does laundry, cleans the house, coaches soccer, hits the treadmill, studies karate and hangs out with her husband, their three kids and the family dog!

Exploits of a Reluctant (But Extremely Goodlooking) Hero

2008 - Book of the Year for Children Award, CLA, Short-listed
2007 - Best Bets Young Adult, Ontario Library Association, Winner
2007 - Book of the Year, ForeWord Magazine, Short-listed


2011 - Silver Birch Award, Ontario Library Association, Short-listed
2011 - Diamond Willow Award, Saskatchewan Young Readers' Choice Award, Short-listed
2011 - McNally Robinson Book for Young People Award, Manitoba Writers' Guild, Winner
2011 - Best Books for Kids & Teens, Starred Selection, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Winner
2010 - Best Best Fiction, Ontario Library Association, Short-listed

The Day My Mom Came to Kindergarten

2015 - Blue Spruce, Forest of Reading, Winner
2014 - Best Books of the Year for Children and Young Adults, Bank Street Children's Book Committee, Winner
2013 - Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Winner