June Bradford - Illustrator

June Bradford

I was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and emigrated to Canada shortly after I was married.

May 21st.

Where do you live now?
Aurora, Ontario. I enjoy living in a small town.

When did you first start drawing?
As a child I was always drawing. At around 16 I began to take it more seriously. Becoming a professional illustrator was an opportunity to do something I loved.

What do you like the most about creating kids' books?
I love to draw and bring characters to life, particularly animals. Sharing this with children is very special.

Do you have any pets?
I always enjoy being around my animals. I have a dog (Sooty) and two cats (Beenie and Pooch). My pets give me inspiration.

What are your hobbies?
I get involved in all sorts of crafts for pleasure. I especially enjoy sewing and painting on fabric. Crafts give me an opportunity to be really creative.

What was your schooling or training?
I studied graphic design and illustration at college in Glasgow.

How did you get involved with children's books?
I have always loved children's books and dreamed that one day I would illustrate them. Today my dream is coming true.

Do you have any tips for young creators?
Keep following your dream, work hard, believe in yourself and never give up.

What's your favorite movie?
The Wizard of Oz is a movie I really enjoyed --- what a great story

How do you research or create your illustrations?
I have a large collection of children's books and cuttings from magazines at home. I also get references from the local library.

Where do you get your ideas?
I get my ideas from my imagination or by drawing in my sketchbook. When I feel creative I get lots of amazing ideas.

What's your favorite character from your books?
Just about any animal character that I bring to life.

What materials do you work in?
I use many different materials, but mostly acrylics and fabric.

What's your greatest childhood memory?
I used to love to hear my mum tell stories about her childhood growing up on a farm in Scotland. She had two pets, a dog called Patch and a cat called Tiger, and had some great stories about their fun on the farm.

What was your weirdest or most interesting job?
Creating a range of greeting cards with cats and mice brought to life. It seemed like I had created a special world for them to live in.

Do you have any special secrets or insights into any of your books or characters?
Don't tell anyone, but I created a mouse character called Daisy that is based on myself.

Making Fleece Crafts

2001 - Our Choice, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Winner