Andy Mora - Illustrator

Andy Mora

His full name is Andrew Jordan Mora, but his business card just says Andy Mora. Andy lives in Innisfil, Ontario, which is a township about 45 minutes north of Toronto. He grew up in the country and has always preferred it to the noise of city life. Now working as a freelance illustrator creating technical, scientific, architectural and medical images, Andy has also worked on many graphic design projects and teaches art part-time to junior high and high school students.
Andy is trained as a technical / scientific illustrator from Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. He met many really cool people while in school, including colleagues and professors that not only taught him a lot, but also inspired him to create good work. His education prepared him to draw the style of images that he creates today. His method is unique: he thinks about the kinds of images he likes to look at (especially images from the children's books he read when he was younger), and he just tries to create something that he thinks would look cool.
Regarding interests non-art related: Andy is obsessed with wakeboarding. During the winter he's wrapped up in snowboarding and probably wastes too much time on the slopes; but during the summer, his life revolves around wakeboarding. He probably talks about it too much and most likely spends too much money on it, but he just enjoys the sport so much. He was out on the water this spring as soon as the ice melted from the lake. His love of wakeboarding is actually a nice complement to his illustration work. Once in a while it's nice to get away from the meticulous work of illustration and get outdoors for a wakeboard set on the lake.

Space Tourism

2012 - Hackmatack Children's Choice Book Award, Short-listed

Ultimate Trains

2011 - Lane Anderson Book Award, Fitzhenry Family Foundation, Short-listed